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Biomathematics Group


Development of research in the field of statistics-mathematics and informatics, applying new methods to improve the interpretation of the results. Provide advising and guarantee the statistical processing with powerful informatics systems and development of software that serve as support to agricultural activities. Keep a level of knowledge adequate for researchers in statistics and informatics.


Increase the scientific and investigative work to increase the levels of efficiency, quality and productivity aiming at providing more competitive goods and services. Increase the integral task of forming young post - graduate and graduate students in the field of Statistics-Mathematics, and that all the workers of the department have a capacitation program guaranteeing their professional development in a continuous form.

It is our purpose to keep the leadership in these fields and in the formation of young workers, besides the advising and tutoring of Master and PhD students. Increase the national and international projects to guarantee the continuous enhancement of the financial and economic management of the department. Attain the certification at national scale of the program of postgraduate education in Biometrics and have national and international students.

Research lines

  • Bootsttrap Methodology for the simulation of samplings in the different specialities of ICA’s research.
  • Statistic studies of multiple range tests of means.
  • Data mining in research generating large volumes of information.
  • Modelation and simulation of biological processes in feeding, nutrition and/or animal production.
  • Multivariate applications of experiments in non-controlled conditions and the extension work.
  • Statistic applications to economic problems in the feeding, nutrition and/or animal production.
  • Designs repeated in time in the classic experimentation of feeding, nutrition and animal production.
  • Identification of indicators which should be analysed by non-parametric methods.

Groups of work

  • Development of research addressed to guarantee the accuracy and precision of the experiments and the intelligent analysis of them.
  • Application of new statistical methods that allow the better interpretation of the results and the safe of resources assigned to the researchers.
  • Keep an adequate level of knowledge in the researchers in the field of statistics-mathematics.
  • Advising and statistical processing in all the researches from this center and the participation in research projects.


Branch Project of Science and Technology MES.

  • Statistics-Mathematics modelation for the populational characterization and the genetic improvement in cattle. Subproject Universidad Agraria de la Habana.
    Dra. Lucía Fernández
    Dra. Verena Torres Cárdenas


Lic. Lourdes Rodríguez Shade - Head of group
Dra. Verena Torres Cárdenas
Lic. Magaly Herrera Villafranca
Lic. Saraí Gómez Camacho