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Department of Biophysiological Sciences

Work group that has experience accumulated for 40 years in the field of digestive physiology of ruminant and non-ruminant species, feed production through biotechnology and microbiology of the digestive tract.


Basic necessary research to explain scientifically the new agricultural technologies that generate the institution and at the same time technologies, work methodologies, education and cooperation suitable for the tropics and especially for Cuban conditions.


Generate a knowledge that establish over a scientific basis, the technologies and methodologies that should generate in the centre. Increase the development of the Biochemistry and the Biotechnology as a basis of the productive systems applied to the social practice. Elaborate national and international projects that facilitate the profitability of the Department and the acquisition of the necessary equipment for the development of the objectives of work. Obtain the best results from the continuous capacitation of the human resources, the teaching, the introduction of quality systems, the interrelation production-research and the strengthening of the work with other institutions and national or international organizations

Research lines

  • Determination of the nutritive value of feeds for ruminants and monogastrics.
  • Digestion of nutrients in species of economic interest.
  • Nitrogenated metabolism of ruminant.
  • Mineral metabolism.
  • Estimulation of voluntary intake.
  • Microbiology of the digestive tract of ruminant and monogastric species.
  • Activators of the ruminal fermentation.
  • Obtainment and evaluation of additives in the animal feeding (enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics).
  • Digestive physiology of river buffalo.
  • Experimental Surgery.
  • Physiologic evaluation of integral meals and tropical foliage in monogastric animals.
  • Effects of secondary compounds and antinutritional factors on the metabolism and physiologic behaviour of ruminants and monogastrics.
  • Microbial fermentation for the obtainment of animal feeding (liquid and solid).

Groups of work


National Program of Science and Technology "Agricultural Biotechnology". GEPROP-CITMA.

  • Obtainment of a product with probiotic activity from liquid fermentation of poultry's feces.
    Dr. Arabel Elías Iglesias

  • Study of the molecular characteristics of the fibrous fraction of clone CUBA CT-115 (Pennisetum purpureum sp), its combining capacity with legumes and impact on the ruminal metabolism.
    Dra. Berta B. Chongo

  • Obtainment of enzymatic hydrolized product from cream of distillery, dried, with convenient characteristics for its use in the animal feeding and in the industry of concentrate.
    Dr. Ramón Bocourt Salabarria

  • Decrease of methanegenesis by means of manipulation techniques of ruminal microbial fermentation.
    Dra. Denia Delgado Fernández

  • Fermented meals with Trichoderma viride in the feeding of poultry, swine and rabbits.
    Dra. Lourdes L. Savón Valdés

  • Obtainment and evaluation of the activity of products of the ruminal fermentation by means of yeast and Aspergillus oryzae in cows eating fibrous diets.
    DMV. Yoandra Marrero Rodríguez

  • Evaluation of plants with anti-protozoa capacity of rumen in the production of milk and energetic metabolism in cows.
    Dra. Juana L. Galindo Blanco

Branch Program of Science and Technology "Livestock". MINAG.

  • Manufacturing and providing of mineral pre-mixtures for the new conditions of the dairy cattle in the eastern provinces.
    Dra. Odilia Gutiérrez Borroto

Branch Program of Science and Technology "Integral development of the mountain". GEAM-MINAG.

  • Evaluation, utilization and conservation of natural phytogenetics resources to contribute to the feeding security in the mountainous regions of Cuban eastern part.
    Dra. Lourdes L. Savón Valdés

Branch Program of Science and Technology MES.

Territorial Program of Science and Technology CITMA Granma Province.

  • Metabolic and mineral profile of the buffalo cow under different physiological states and feeding systems in agricultural enterprise "Provincia Granma".
    Dra. Odilia Gutiérrez Borroto


Dra. Zoraya Rodríguez Alonso - Head of Department
Dra. Denia Delgado Fernández
MCs. Rafael Rodríguez Hernández
DMV. Yoandra Marrero Rodríguez
Dra. Lourdes L. Savón Valdés
DMV. Luis E. Dihigo Cuttis
Dra. Juana L. Galindo Blanco
Lic. Areadne Sosa Ceijas
Dr. Ramón Bocourt Salabarria
MCs. Yanelis García Curbelo
Ing. Yaneisy García Hernández
Dra. Odilia Gutiérrez Borroto
Dr. Orestes La O León
MCs. Daiky Valenciaga Gutiérrez
MCs. Madeleidy Martínez Pérez
MCs. Niurca González Ybarra
Dr. Arabel Elías Iglesias
MCs. Idania Scull Rodríguez
Lic. Mayriulis Pérez Jorge
Lic. Mayren Alberto Vázquez
Lic. Moisés Valera Rojas