Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science

ISSN 2079-3480

The Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science is published by the Institute of Animal Science of the Ministry of Higher Education, Cuba. It appears four times a year with separate editions in English and Spanish (Revista Cubana de Ciencia Agrícola). In editions about Agricultural Science it publisher original articles comprising the following topics:


  • Applied Mathematics
  • Genetics
  • Animal Science (Ruminant and Monogastric Physiology, Microbiology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Dairy, Small and Meat Livestock)
  • Pastures and Forages
  • Rural Development
  • Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Agricultural Economy
  • Production System
  • Knowledge Transaction
  • Technological Transfer
  • Innovation, Technological Extension

Editorial Board

  • Rafael S. Herrera García, Editor
  • Andrés F. Senra Pérez, Consultant
  • Lourdes Savón Valdés, Consultant

Expert Council of Advisers

  • Manuel Castro Perdomo
  • Gustavo Crespo López
  • María F. Díaz Sánchez
  • Julio Ly Carmenati
  • Esmeralda Lon-Wo Chansay
  • Pedro C. Martín Méndez
  • María Teresa Pérez Cobacho
  • Raquel Ponce de León
  • Verena Torres Cárdenas
  • Guillermo Valdés Hernández
  • Elaine Valiño Cabrera
  • Gustavo Febles Pérez
  • Arabel Elías Iglesias


  • Caridad W. Guerra Bustillo
  • Redimio Pedraza Olivera
  • Raúl Guevara Viera
  • Pedro Pablo del Pozo

Other people

  • Lesby López García. Translation, writing and correcting
  • Pedro José Padilla Acosta. Translation, writing and correcting
  • Míriam Suárez Gallo. Writing and correcting
  • Miguel Ángel Trujillo. Computed edition
  • Esteban Pérez Fernández. Technical Advice, Ediciones Universitarias

More information

Registered as second class mail.

Registro Nacional de Publicaciones Seriadas Tomo: 1, Folio: 058, No. 0172.

This publication appears in the following indices

  • Agric. Env. Dev. Reg.
  • AgBiotech News and Inf.
  • Agri Contact
  • Agrindex
  • Agris
  • Agroforestry Abstr.
  • Anim. Breed. Abstr.
  • Biodeterioration Abstr.
  • Biol. Abstr.
  • Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
  • Chem. Abstr.
  • Curr. Adv. Ecol. Sci.
  • Curr. Cont. (Agric. Biol. and Environ. Sci)
  • Dairy Sci. Abstr.
  • Excerp. Med.
  • Field Crop Abstr.
  • Fd. Sci. and Tech. Abstr.
  • Forestry Abstr.
  • Grassland and Forage Abstr.
  • Herb. Abstr.
  • Helminthol. Abstr. Ind. Agric. Am. Lat. Caribe
  • Ind. Español Ciencia y Tecnología
  • Ind. Vet.
  • Life Sci. Coll.
  • Nutr. Abstr.
  • Nutr. Abstr. Rev.
  • Periódica
  • Pig News & Inf.
  • Plant Breed. Abstr.
  • Pollution Abstr.
  • Poultry Abstr.
  • Res. Alert. (select. database)
  • Rev. Agric. Enthl.
  • Rice Abstr.
  • Rural Recreat.
  • Tour Abstr. Sci. Search
  • Social Abstr.
  • Soils & Fert.
  • Soyabean Abstr.
  • Sugar Ind. Abstr.
  • Ulrichs
  • Vet. Bull.
  • Weed Abstr.
  • Wheat
  • Barley and Triticale Abstr. (CAB Int. Bureau Horticulture and Plantation Crops)
  • Wildlife Review Abstracts Editor
  • World Agric. Econ.
  • Rural Soc. Abstr. (CAB Int.)


Authors are responsible for the results, criteria and opinions published in their articles.


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