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Master courses

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Provide professionals of the agricultural field with updated knowledge of the scientific and technical results of higher impact nationally and internationally. The graduate will reach a higher level allowing to integrate knowledge and skills of Science and Technology. Design and conduct research, technological innovation or technology transfer on nutrition and management, biochemistry, feed production (pastures, forages and biotechnological products) or animal genetics that permit integrally to play a more active role in cattle development.

Studies program

Compulsory courses and credits:

a) Thematic modules:

  • Production of ruminants
    - Dairy, beef and dual-purpose cattle
    - Sheep and goats
  • Production of monogastrics
    - Pigs
    - Poultry
    - Rabbits and guinea pigs

b) Introductory module (compulsory subjects):

Statistics nathematics 4 credits
Experimental design 6 credits
Agricultural projects 4 credits
Methodology of research 2 credits

Responsable centers:

  • University of Granma
  • Agrarian University of Havana
  • Institute of Animal Science

c) Basic module per subject:

Compulsory subjects (each one equivalent to 6 credits):

  • Production of ruminants
    - Nutrition of ruminants
    - Biochemistry and physiology of ruminants
    - Quantitative genetics and applied to ruminants
    - Pasturess, forages and other crops for animal feeding

Responsable centers:

  • University of Granma
  • Agrarian University of Havana
  • Research Centre for Animal Improvement
  • National Institute of Agricultural Sciences
  • Experimental Stations of pastures and forages: "Indio Hatuey" and "Nia Bonita"
  • Institute of Animal Science

Optional courses

Select 5 out of the 7 courses proposed:

  • Management and utilization of pastures for animal production
  • Conservation and use of forage phytogenic resources
  • Biophysiological manipulation of feed efficiency in monogastrics
  • Computers applied to animal production
  • Mathematics for geneticists
  • Advances in animal improvement
  • Sustainable system of production of monogastrics
  • Factors related to the productivity and quality of the final products
  • Specialized systems and feed alternatives for milk or beef production and their replacement sin the tropics
  • Milk and beef production system with dual-purpose cattle and non-conventional feeding alternatives
  • System of production of small ruminants
  • Ecophysiology of the gastrointestinal tract of ruminants
  • Rearing and management of buffaloes
  • Production of feeds through biotechnology
  • Biomasa production
  • Utilization of monogastric species
  • Production of rabbits and guinea pigs


1,5 years

Partial time

2 years

Distance teaching

2 years

Registration cost

6.000 CUC