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PhD program

The Institute of Animal Science and the Agrarian University of Havana offer a program of PhD studies on Animal Production for the Tropical Area to obtain Master and PhD degrees in science. This type of program comprises all the subjects related to the Animal Production filed. The educational purpose, the career, the position available and the faculty of graduation are determinant for the applicant chooses a specific area.

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Prepare professionals able to integrate knowledge and abilities in science and technology in animal production from the national and international results with higher impact for the tropics. Design and conduct research works, technological innovation and technology transfer, in nutrition, biochemistry, feed production (pastures, forages and biotechnological products) and animal genetics that allow integrally a more active role in its area of action according to the increasing demand of quality and amount of feed products for men and the necessary contribution of the environmental pollution.

Mission of the Direction of Formation and Development

Guarantee a post-graduate education system that satisfies the demands and needs of professional development (nationals and foreigners) with the quality required, strengthen our visibility, increase the competition and the incomes and permit the leadership through the efficient use of resources.

Program for the graduate

The request of admission of the graduate should be addressed to the Director of Admission (Bertha Chongo).
Requisites of admission:

  • Request according to the form.
  • Be a graduate of agricultural careers or any other related to this field.
  • Interpret correctly the scientific literature in English.
  • Have basic knowledge on computers and statistics.
  • Provide a summary of the Curriculum Vitae.
  • Be endorsed by the institutional direction of the work center.
  • Satisfactory evaluation of the admission board.

Requisites for the master's degree

For obtaining the Master title, it is required the approval of at least 75 credits, out of which 25 correspond to the thesis which is compulsory to pass the academic degree.

Requisites for the PhD degree

For obtaining the PhD degree, it is required the appoval of at least 100 credits, out of which 40 correspond to the thesis. This is compulsory to obtain the scientific degree.

Evaluation system

Each course evaluated through a final test, paper of course Project, resides the systematic testing in the lectures, seminars, essays and practical classes.

The Academic Committee will assess course programs previously approved in a period no longer than 5 years and will decide if they will be accredited and considered within the Master program.

When an applicant considers having the knowledge and abilities demanded by the course, he/she may request to the Academic Committee the presentation to a proficiency test. If passed, the correspondent credits will be granted.

Besides the courses established in the studies program, the applicant should develop a research work being the basis for the elaboration of the degree thesis that will be discussed before a jury formed by three Doctors in Sciences (Veterinary and/or Agriculture).

Basic courses

Statistical methods 6 credits
Experimental design 4 credits
Animal biochemistry and physiology 6 credits
Populational genetics 6 credits
Animal nutrition 6 credits
Pastures, forages and other crops of interest in animal feeding 6 credits
Economic feasibility of the agricultural projects 4 credits
Research methodology 2 credits
Total of basic courses: 40 credits

Other educational activities

Bibliographical reviews and essays 1 credit
Seminaries 1 credit
Participation in events 1 credit
Application of software (creation and discussion) 1 credit
Courses in the area of studies 3 credits


Creation, discussion and approval of the thesis project 2 Ms 13 DrC
Discussion of the thesis 25 Ms 40 DrC

Lines of research for the Master's program

  • In the area of Pastures and Forages.
  • In the area of Ruminant Production.
  • In the area of Production of Monogastric Animals.
  • In the area of Digestive physiology.
  • In the area of Genetic improvement for animal production.

Lines of research for the PhD program

The research lines will be comprised in the course areas, in research projects of the scientific institutions or in subjects of interest for the institution or particular. In all the cases they should be approved by the Academic Committee.

Duration of the program


  • Duration: 2 years.
  • Area: Full-time of 1,5 years. Part time of 2 years.

Doctor in sciences:

  • Duration: 3 years.
  • Area: Part time of 4 years.