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First International Workshop of Extension, Innovation and Transference of technologies for the animal production 2012

From 14th to 16th November

The Institute of Animal Science, the Cuban Association of Animal Production (ACPA) and the Experimental Station of Pastures and Forages "Indio Hatuey" of the Republic of Cuba call to the First International Workshop of Extension, Innovation and transference of technologies for the animal production.

This workshop will be held in the Institute of Animal Science, Mayabeque, Cuba, from 14th to 16th November 2012 under the title "The efficient extension of scientific-productive results in the agricultural branch", enunciate that repeat the renewable obligation of the personal engaged in this sphere with the society and its time, to conciliate the discussion to find alternatives to producers, techniques, specialists and researchers in the challenge that guarantee the agricultural production in the present conditions.

Organizing committee

Main subjects

  • Systems of agricultural extension and their impact
  • Transference and adoption of technologies
  • Environment and socio-economy
  • Knowledge management and technological innovation
  • Rural development and feeding security
  • Sustainable animal production
  • Mathematics and software applied to the agricultural sphere
  • Social engagement of research centres and their role in the agricultural sustainable development. Challenges and present alternatives of the access and finances for the development of extension and transference of technologies
  • Measure of the agricultural production impact in the social development

Participant's profile

Producers, researchers, specialists, techniques, students and also directors of institutions, functionaries of organizations and enterprises related to the agricultural branch can participate.

Academic program

Magistral conferences, round tables, panels, discussion's workshop, oral speech and poster will be presented.

Official languages

The works will be presented in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Norms of presentation

The works should be delivered in compatible card-catalog with format of opened document, written in Arial typography, twelve points, to one interlinear space, letter size (8 ½ x 11 or 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm) and margins of 2.5 cm each side. The laying out of paragraphs is justified and the maximum extension of works is ten sheets.

Format of works

Title (in capital letter), author and co-authors with their electronic mail, institution and country per authors and co-authors (you should specify which is your function in your institution). Abstracts of work, (maximum extension of 250 words), key words, text (it should has an introduction to determine obviously the objectives, the development grouped in summaries, the conclusions, the bibliographic references ordered alphabetically, the family name of the principal author and indicating also the year of publication. These references should be indicated in the text of the work, putting between parenthesis the family name of the authors, separated per comma and the year of publication, putting in the page if it is a textual appointment and if there are more than three authors, you put only the family name of the first author and the word others. Besides, the annexes with the tables and figures.

The abstracts should be sent before August 15th 2012.

The Scientific Commission has fifteen days to give its opinion and communicate to the authors. The accepted works should be sent before August 30th 2012, thus they can be included in the proceedings of the event.

Courses Pre-congress (February 12th and 13th)

  • Systems of Extension
  • Management and feeding of buffaloes
  • Technologies of processing and conservation of dairy products in small ruminants

The accreditation includes

  • Assistance to the sessions
  • Proceedings of the event
  • Materials of work
  • Snack
  • Lunch
  • Certificate of participation
  • Transfer to the activities of the event

A space free of charge where the institutions can expose their products and services will be offered, in previous agreement with the Organizing committee.

The participants can enjoy of a Field Day where they will appreciate the practical application of the different technologies of production, with a charge of 20.00 CUC for foreign delegates and 50.00 CUP for national delegates.