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Genetics Group

This group is suitable to make advanced technologies of genetic improvement more competent to genotypes/species/breeds (rabbit, bovine, buffaloes and goats), besides to capacitate the internal and external personnel, to teach courses of Pre-grade and Post-grade to reach the required quality of research and the application of results.


Elaborate and transfer Technologies of genetic improvement more adequate to genotypes/species/breeds and the existing production systems by applying quantitative genetics, incorporating the possibilities of Molecular Biology and making use of advanced techniques of computers applied in this branch. At the same time, capacitate the internal and external personnel to attain the quality required in the research and the application of the results, thanks to internal and external research alliances and with the leading productive entities and of support of animal genetics.


Group capable of elaborating advanced techniques of genetic improvement due to its qualification and adequate equipment for the quantitative genetic work, molecular biology and mathematics, specialised in the better use of genetic variability of nutritional aspects. By incorporating modern techniques of economic and genetic evaluation in the estimation of the global merit of breeders, the leadership is attained in this field due to the integral use of the concepts in the genetic improvement plans for the different species and breeds of domestic animals according to the production system. For attaining this, there is an adequate balance of the technical labor force for the work with the different species and the capacitation process has advanced in the related fields. The work is renowned by the wide participation in taking decisions for the national organization of the genetic work, in the introduction of original results and the participation in events of renowned international prestige.


National Project of Science and Technology "Agricultural Biotechnology". GEPROP-CITMA.

Branch Project of Science and Technology "Livestock". MINAG.

National Project of Science and Technology "Sustainable production of feeds to contribute to the feeding security".


MSc. Arelys Hernández Rodríguez - Head of group
Dr. Luis M. Fraga Benítez
Lic. Yoleisy García Henández
Téc. Marta Mora Hernández
Téc. Gladys S. Guzmán Martínez
Lic. Yusleiby Rodríguez Calvo
Lic. Yenny García Orta
Lic. Eilen Artiles Hernández
Téc. Dayron García Quiñones