Constitutes an established brand to distinguish the developed software by the Institute of Animal Science and that is applied to the solution of problems in the agricultural sphere.

Among the main products developed, we have:

  • Specific Software applied to the Nutrition and Animal Feeding
    Tools developed to producers, researchers and professors entalled to topic of the animal feeding, they also include mathematical models and simulation to optimize all the resources engaged in this task that represent between the 60 and the 80% of the total expenses in the animal production. Among them, we have:
    • CalRac Rumiants
    • CalRac Bovines
    • CalRac Ovine-Caprine

  • Educative Software
    The collection of educative software in the animal production: PRODAN is developed and its target is the development of books, booklets, materials and courses in electronic format for the qualification, the pre and post-grade in the animal science. Among the main software, we have:
    • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics for farmers
    • Strategies of feeding to the bovine cattle in the tropic
    • Management of the information and knowledge for farmers
    • Manipulation of the ruminal microbial fermentation
    • The microorganisms of rumen and their activity
    • Pennisetum purpureum for tropical livestock
    • Recycling of nutrients

In these moments, other informatic products are being developed, which will appear briefly in our Web Site.

Other services:

  • Taylor made Software
    We develop the Informatic application depending on its necessities.

  • Design and implementation of Web Sites
    We perform Web sites corporative and promotional, in agreement with the request of the client.

  • Development of Multimedia
    We undertake the design, implementation and preparation of Multimedia of abstracts of events, as well as books, booklets and other didactic materials.

  • Projects of connectivity to networks of agricultural entities
    We perform projects for the connection of agricultural entities far away from urban nucleus, emploing the last technologies in the topic of transmission of data.

The Group of Informatization of the Institute of Animal Science is the principal responsible of these products and services and offer the technical support.