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Department of Non-Ruminants Management and Feeding

The department of feeding and management of monogastric animals was founded in 1965 under the name of Department of poultry and Swine. Since its beginnings, it has had as objective to elaborate technologies applicable to this species to satisfy the needs of the Cuban population, and being applicable in other countries.


Generate and/or transfer technologies on the feeding and management systems in monogastric animals (pigs, poultry, fish, rabbits and others) that contribute to satisfy the needs of animal protein (meats, eggs and sausages).


  • Contribute to satisfy the needs of the population for animal protein, generating and/or transferring technologies of excellence to obtain with national feeds and inputs competitive products.
  • Give priority at great production to pork, eggs of hens (Leghorns and Semirustic), rabbits, Guinea pigs, fish, ducks and other monogastric species.
  • Production with low costs and good quality in the obtained products.

Research lines

  • Production of healthy lungs of pigs.
  • Feeding with sugarcane and alternative sources.
  • Tropical proteinic sources for pigs, poultry and rabbits.
  • Proteinic enrichment and removal of antinutritional substances by biotechnological ways in feeds for pigs, poultry and rabbits.
  • Non-conventional feeding of rabbits.
  • Treatment and reutilization of swine, avian residuals and of the alcoholic fermentation.
  • Management and equipment of the facilities for pigs, poultry and rabbits.
  • Use of additives and national sources of minerals.
  • Quality of meat and further process.
  • Utilization of residuals of distillery in the feeding of monogastrics.
  • Use of dehydrated fat from distillery with solubles in the feeding of swine and poultry.


National Project of Science and Technology "Sustainable production of foods to contribute to the feeding security".

  • Contribution to the feeding sufficiency by means of agricultural and livestock sustainable technologies in Havana cooperatives.
    DrSc. Esmeralda Lon-Wo Chansay

  • Potentiation of diversified production of feeds with technologies of external low inputs in Guantanamo province.
    DrSc. Luis Mora Castellanos

Branch Project of Science and Technology Ministry of Higher Education.

  • New production of healthy lungs.
    DrSc. Pedro Lezcano Perdigón

  • Use of the phytase enzyme and source of national phosphorus in the feeding of laying hens.
    MCs. Alberto Acosta Ojeda

Territorial Project of Science and Technology CITMA. Habana Province.

Territorial Project of Science and Technology CITMA. Habana Province.

Territorial Project of Science and Technology CITMA. Guantánamo Province.


DrSc. Manuel Valdivié Navarro - Head of Department
DrSc. Luis Mora Castellanos
DrSc. Manuel Castro Perdomo
MCs. Katia Hidalgo Salomón
MCs. Bárbara Rodríguez Sánchez
DrSc. Pedro Lezcano Perdigón
DrSc. Esmeralda Lon-Wo Chansay
MCs. Mayuly Martínez Palenzuela
MCs. Lázara Ayala González
DMV. Ysnagmy Vázquez Pedroso